Giving life to your words.


In 2015, I wandered off the film set and straight into an audiobook seminar. From then, I was hooked. I gathered knowledge and training from anywhere I could, including from greats like David H. Lawrence XVII, Elise Arsenaut, and Don Baarns. Since then I have enjoyed the gamut from award nomination elation to awkward review blues. In 2022 I have over 150 titles - solo, collaboration, college textbook, audio play, video hosting, and ed-tech app summaries, to name a few. Audio is quickly becoming more and more popular, not just for entertainment, but as a way for every individual to enjoy every kind of written work, from fiction to history, romance to news articles, and books to movies. My aim is to provide that content in a professional and enjoyable way. 

Nominated for Best Audio at Penned Con two years in a row, I continue to train, study, tweak my home studio all while living by my mantra :
~ A man does himself the greatest injustice when he chooses to stop learning, for that is when he truly stops living.